June 29, 2011

Sorry, still not many photos yet, slow connection.

   I got up and uncovered 99 for the final time.  I had decided that out of respect I would let her travel off of the Key West Island under her own power, before being submitted to the indignity of being put on a trailer.  I also decided that when we get back to Windsor I will unload her at the earliest opportunity and ride her home.  She deserves at least that.
   Our trip today was slow and rainy but it had one unimaginable luxury. Besides the roof over my head and the air conditioning and nice comfy seat and more.  No ticking clock timing my every minute.  So tonight we are near St. Augustine and will take three days to return home.  One third longer than 99 and I made it down here in.  An  all wheel drive Subaru with four available drivers can't keep up with a 125cc kid's bike.  But hey............she's 99, and she took me along for the ride. 
    We did see something that I hadn't seen other than on the morning we left Key West on the ride.  We actually got to see some of the miniature Deer Key deer.  Just like regular deer except small.

This little guy wasn't at all afraid of us.  This makes them extremely dangerous.  He expect you to stop no matter what.  Good thing they are so protected in this area.

near St. Augustine

Some photos from yesterday;
Charles, the Old Girl, Bob and 99.  The obligatory final photo at the Southernmost Point Marker
The final stats (in miles) not including the 1500+ to get to Key West for the start.  Ignore the max speed as Emma has a tendency to exaggerate max  speed.  I believe 99 did hit 82 once.  But then that was a real steep cliff with a heck of a downdraught.
One of the State's finest helps by signing us out.  Now it is finally in the bag.
99 gets a kiss on her nose for a job extremely well done.
 Of course the bag full of over a hundred receipts and forms etc. must be mailed to the IBA to see if we've dotted each i and crossed every t. If so then we will have inaugurated a new IBA ride and 99 the smallest bike to complete a UCCC (or even a UCC) and the Old Girl oldest bike to complete a UCCC. These initials stand for - Ultimate Coast to Coast and Ultimate Coast to Coast to Coast.
   Damn - can't get this movie to upload - I'll try later
Charles leaves for home and 99 is now alone to be trailered home. She earned it.
Then there is the Southernmost Hotel: see  http://www.southernmosthouse.com/about-us/keywest-historic.aspx  for some history and details - it's quite a place and not as expensive as you'd think.

View looking from the ocean side
View looking from the hotel side.
Our room was off to the right behind the bush.  The southernmost room........of course, right on the ocean.
We went out to a rather unique restaurant that had the usual Key West chickens everywhere - even on top of the table umbrellas
Typical Key West Rooster on top of the table umbrella.  They were all over and kept the crumbs to a minimum under your table

One of the resident cats guard the menus

No one seems to be bothered by these conditions and the food is absolutely 5 star.  What a great place!

That's about it.  99 still has her tail to tell so check back within a few days and hopefully her side of things will be here.  Also I will upload lots of photos to the photo site at: http://rides.webshots.com/album/580255468rvtIXJ


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