June 03, 2011

   Another interesting day.  We went early and got photos (required) of us and the bikes at the southernmost marker before the crowd started. It is a requirement of this ride that both you and your bike be in a photo of the southernmost marker.  We then got a friendly lady cop to sign us out and unfortunately Charles had forgotten his wallet in the room so he got a "verbal warning" about driving without his licence etc. along with his witness form.  First time I've ever been asked for ID from a cop while getting a witness form signed.  Oh well!!  Next problem was when I went to use a wear gauge to see how the new tires were wearing.  Front is fine but the rear appears to have used up half it's life in only 3000km of driving.  Wearing much faster than anticipated. Not good - tried to source a new tire here to no avail. Will try to find one along the way tomorrow.  Hope it doesn't take up too much time.  Just goes to show that buying the best new tires is not always a guarantee of long life.  Just like Charles new battery on the way down..
   Had a pasta dinner down on Duval street and watched the "unusual" people of that area stroll by. WOW!  Right up there with Los Angles.
   We hope to be on the road by before 5 am tomorrow so off to bed now. Forecast locally looks good.  No rain but lots of wind.  The forecast for Deadhorse in Alaska is in the 0 to 10 degrees farenhite for the high.  Food for thought along with the snow predicted.  Last week they had a heat wave of almost 50 deg. F.
At the Southernmost point.

Now THATS a magnetic tank bag.  Walked by the door and it stuck. 
Charles getting water sample of the start
Bob doing the same.

Mile 0 of U.S. Highway one starts here.

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