June 21, 2011

Rain rain go away.  This photo is from yesterday going into Lloydminister. Seems to do nothing but rain lately. Got up this morning to clear sky and reasonable temps.  On the road by 6:00 local time.  Shortly thereafter however the clouds descended and it started to rain.

Charle's photo of impending rain shower.  Bob up ahead. 
  Continued to rain off and on all day. Not much to report. We bypassed the city with the great name.  Saskatoon, Saskatchewan.  Sounds like you should find Roger Rabbit there. If he is I hope Jessica is with him as she looks like she would float.

Could this be a harbinger of things to come shortly.  You never know what you'll find in a gas station parking lot.  Especially in the middle of southern Saskatchewan.

The ubiquitous grain elevator.  They are apparently fast disappearing and thus we will lose this icon of the Prairies
 99 still running poorly and strong headwinds limited the speed considerably  The only note of interest is in Weyburn, Sask.  they are substantially worse off due to flooding than when we went through on the way up.  The road now has water over it and is closed in one direction on the way into town then it is closed altogether and we had to make a detour.  Just south of Weyburn the bridge is only open one lane and the water is almost up to the deck.  I doubt it will be open tomorrow.  Was too busy drivingon muddy bridge to take photo.  This one however shows the tip of the iceberg, so to speak on the into Weyburn.
Charle's photo of Bob passing through flooded road section in Weyburn, SK
  The last time through this area we stopped at Minot, ND but had difficulty getting a room due to the booming oil economy and to all the people evacuated due to the flooding.  We were informed at a stop earlier that there were no rooms in Minot as the flooding is now much more severe and thus no rooms due to evacuees. Kenmare is a little town about 70 miles north of Minot and we found a room here.  Even this far away, we got the last room.  Unfortunately a smoking room was the only one they had (phew!)  We spoke to a local trucker and he said to make sure we were off hwy 52 by tomorrow as there is currently water over the road in a few places already and he estimates it will be closed within the next couple of days at the latest.  Checking with the ND DOT web site confirmed this.  Therefore we will leave early and try to get through without a detour.
   Since it will be an early morning I'll sign off for now.
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