June 04, 2011

Well, an interesting first day.  Started out when I noticed Charls' riding out of the lot without his headlight on.  I was about to tell him we'd already checked out and no need for stealth when he informed me the light had just then burned out the low beam.  $hit!  Went to a gas station with some lights and proceeded to take an hour to change the bulb.  Ended up having to remove the entire assembly from the Hannigan fairing to determine why the bulb wouldn't lock in.  Anyone who's been to Key West won't be surprised that our work was supervised by a chicken wandering around the service station lot. Off we went an hour late, I think the chicken was glad to see us go by the sounds it made.
   Dark and windy along Hwy 1 across the Keys.  Finally got to see Key Deer.  6 of them along the side of the road in various spots on Deer Key.  This is the first time I'd seen them.  Not very big but looked about as stupid as the non protected forest rats.  I think they hang you if you kill one.  Signs every few feet warning about them, but until now I thought they were like the rabbit with horns in the southwest. (Jackalope???)
   Sun came up as it is wont to do and along with it the heat and humidity.  Everything easy going and little traffic until somewhere where the Toll Rd and I-95 split.  There I found that the Spot had quit working somewhere on Key Largo.  No lights (flashing or otherwise).  Changed out the new lithium battery I'd just put in before we started.  This is the second time on this trip a new battery changed just to be safe, failed.  In future we'll leave well enough alone. 
   Made it to Perry, GA, which is about 100 miles past where we'd planned.  Hoping to better the plan to allow for unforeseen events as time goes on.  Not that we're wishing for unforeseen events, of course!
Good night,
Charles' photo of the old bridge between Keys at sunrise

Charles' photo of Bob re-securing something at a gas stop. Temp about 100 deg. F.

Note Key West chicken.  Came to inspect our work while changing headlight.

First day's stats.  Nothing to brag about but it was hot and one bike is old and the other is little.  That's our excuse and we're sticking with it.

View somewhere along the Florida Turnpike.  Note thermometer - 106F

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