June 20, 2011

Another day, another 1008 Km.  We are finally onto roads that at least you can make some time on. Except around Jasper of course.  We left Prince. George this morning an hour early to account for losing an hour due to the time change when we cross the BC - Alberta Border.  This will be a continuing problem on this return trip.  On the way out we gained a day for all 4 time zone changes.  On the way back we lose that hour each time we cross a time zone.  The only way I've ever found to accommodate it is to set the alarm an hour early and pretend it is an hour later until it actually is.
   The problems with 99's indigestion (running like crap) seems to be solved.  The fuel conditioner we put in made a large improvement.  Also as soon as I switched to the Aux. tank there was an even greater improvement.  So I ran all of it out before stopping for gas.  She's almost back to normal.  I do notice a slight drop off in power.  I think she's giving her all and is starting to run out.  Time will tell - when we get onto some major roads where I can use all of the little tricks to make her fly. She's not at her best up and down mountains. 
   Today the scenery was much better now that we are again in the mountains.  Jasper area was, as usual frustrating with trailers, motor homes and tourists going slow to ohh and ahh at the scenery instead of stopping to look at it. Stopped for breakfast/lunch at Jasper.  It's not my kind of place at all.  Too tourist oriented with everything overpriced.  The scenery is pretty special in the area however. Unfortunately none of the photos I took seem to do it justice. But that could be that we're jaded from what we've seen in the past week or so. Here is a sample
Sun shining on the road leading to the mountains.  Like a magic carpet ride.

Stopped for a bathroom break.  The dark green box on an angle on the right behind 99 is a bear proof garbage can.  they are everywhere there are bears. 

Bears are quite ingenious and really like garbage.  Hence the bear proof cans at every stop. If you know a local and they are going to take you to a sure fire site for bears, it will usually be the local garbage dump.
   The other interesting thing about this random stop was that It was here
The roadside rest area was adjacent to Mt. Terry Fox

   Terry Fox is one of my all time heroes.  He did a run across Canada with one leg as he lost the other to cancer.  His limping, hopping run style was slow. Yet he managed to average about 26 miles per day.  That is a full marathon for the unenlightened.  Unfortunately by the time he got to northern Ontario the cancer reappeared and he eventually died before he could complete his run.  His determination and perseverance has proven to be a lasting legacy and there are now many charitable events in his name.  Google him and you'll be fascinated, especially if you find a video  We also spoke with a German lady who admired the bikes and informed us that she'd had a BMW GS1000 back in Germany and wished she could still motorcycle here.  She wasn't able to bring it with her due to the import regulations.  She looked somewhat wistful as we left.
   Gradually the terrain went from mountains to hills then to rolling plains as we passed through the very busy city of Edmonton.  It started to rain off and on before Jasper and when we left Edmonton it started in for real.  Lots of real heavy cloudburst type showers with the usual towering black clouds. We're hoping that the system will clear out overnight.  Weather channel says no! We ended the day at Lloydminister AB/SK (the provincial border runs right through town.  Once again we will have a time change tomorrow so it's early up for us at 5:00am.
P.S. In case you're joining us late here are the links to the Spot tracking sites and the photos (when I get time to add more)
Spot: http://tinyurl.com/bobmunden
Photos: http://rides.webshots.com/album/580255468rvtIXJ

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