June 24, 2011

Just a post script to this afternoon's notes. 
   We went out to dinner with Ron S. and had a great restful evening out.  Great pizza and a good place.  Had lots of fun swapping motorcycle yarns.  Ron is quite an accomplished rider in his own right and has many trips to his credit.  He still thinks were a little odd though. Why would he think that?  Here is a photo.
Ron S. tries out 99.  I think the little tart likes him. Notice how nice and clean all the rain left her.
Also I forgot to mention the name of the Bike dealership.  These guys were super helpful and took us right in and helped in every way possible to get us back on the road.  Fair prices as well. They are full dealers for Honda, Yamaha, Suzuki, Kawasaki, Victory and BMW and some other stuff.  If you need service near Bloomington or Champaign, IL don't hesitate. They are called Sportland (Cycle) and although a large place it's like they are small to deal with. (shameless plug for good guys!)
   tomorrow Charles will take apart the Old Girl's rear end (somehow that just doesn't sound quite right) while I go and get the part at 7:30.  We'll reassemble her and hopefully be out of here early enough to get south of Atlanta tomorrow. Hoping for a tail wind.  Jeff W. who is another Long distancd Iron Butt |member that we met at the induction of the Barbie Bike into the Barber Museum is going totry to meet up to escort us through Atlanta. That will be nice if it can happen.
Good night again.
where else?

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