June 06, 2011

Another interesting screwed up day.  Firstly, we had to wait until 9:00 for the UPS depot to open up to retrieve the Throttle Lock and parts Lynn sent.  We installed it in the parking lot using the one from home and some of the parts that Iggy Power (Power Cycle) was kind enough to enclose. 

Charles' photo of Bob working on the bike in the shade of the UPS building.
Working fine so now I have the use of my right hand again.  By by cramps - I can now exercise properly.
   We missed all the rain but it is record hot all the way.  It was so hot in Minneapolis that they had two major "pavement failures" which caused a huge traffic problem.  Fortunately (?) we had major bike problems so we wasted several hours and missed the traffic backup.  On the way in to a cycle supply depot to purchase a tire the little bike started to cut out.  Just like turning off the ignition. But it would start and idle fine. We stopped to buy the tire and it wouldn't even make it out of the parking lot above idle.  A local biker stopped to assist.  His name is Dick Charet and his wife (oh oh - senior's moment - I forgot her name.  My apologies to the nice Mrs Charet). It turned out his nephew owned a garage and gas station just a few blocks away.  I had a fun time on a major artery (under construction of course) in rush hour, trying to negotiate traffic at idle.  Fortunately mostly down hill so even at idle I could use third gear.  Had to "paddle with my feet to get it going at a stoplight however.  To make a long story short I was sure the problem was bad gas as we had identical symptoms in Denver last year and new gas cured it then.  Sure enough after we siphoned out the old and filled up with new she ran fine.

Dick Charest on the right, his nephew and the nice Mrs Charest.  They even offered to put us up for the night.  We would have liked to have had the opportunity to visit but the "Schedule" rules.  Besides we were both cranky from the day's delay and it was getting late.
 By this time rush hour was over so we headed west to a motel on the west end of town so we won't have to buck traffic in the morning.
   Nice ride but not a lot of mileage.  Real heavy tail winds made the morning fun but lots and lots and lots of deer carcasses gave pause.  The rear tire is now almost to the "wear bars"so we will stop at a dealer somewhere along the way tomorrow to get the new one installed. We don't have the tools (balancer) to do other than an emergency change.   More delays!!!
   Hopefully most of the problems are behind us now and we will start to gain some time on our predicted schedule.  Right now we're slightly ahead - but I would feel much safer if we could get an extra "day in the bag" so to speak.
   Interesting footnote.  My gloves are starting to fall apart.  They are only half a year old.  Fortunately I have another set that are new.  But why??
Rotting gloves.  Hope none of you are eating at present :))

Bob's usual riding position for each 5 hour stint between gas stops.  Now you know why we're making time. This was taken on the road by Charles somewhere in Wisconsin.
One other thing. The little bike has grown up and now has earned a name.  It has to do with "Getting Smart" can anyone guess?  Maybe tomorrow I'll introduce her.
Goodnight for now.  4:30 comes early.

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