July 02, 2013

Day one, July 1013

Day 1, July 1, 2013
  Up early and left at 4:45.  No problem crossing to U.S.  Boring ride to other side of Chichago then at Joliet we went north to U.S. 30 which in this area is the old Lincoln Highway.  It was one of the first (if not the first) highways to cross this area.  We've driven/ridden it in New York, Penn., Ohio etc. and it is just as interesting here.  As we rolled west Hwy 30 the scenery became a lot nicer with rolling farmland and forest.  Didn`t look like the Illinois you usually see from the freeway going west.  Stopped for the night at Morrison Rockwood S.P. just northeast of Moline.  GPS of course routed us to the wrong entrance 5 miles out of our way, but a very scenic 5 miles - so all is well.  Well forested campground but lots (millions) of little bugs about like fruit flys that are driving us crazy.  Inside with the air on after dinner - no bugs only a very snuggly cat.
Mileage today 436.6 mi (702 Km)
   We`re both looking foreward to getting past the Great Plains area (past Nebraska) and into some more interesting terrain.  So far however staying off of the freeways has proven to be quite a bit more interesting than previous trips ouit here.
    Got to go in now as the bugs are getting to the `cloud`stage.  Will post this as soon as there is an internet connection available.
Bob & Lynn
P.S. Did you know that U.S. McDonald`s don`t have any milk with their coffee -  Only cream! However they do have WiFi so here we are in Davenport sipping coffee and updating everything via a free internet connection.