September 21, 2011

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August 2006  - (Inaugural) 4 geographic corners of Canada ride.  Daily reports as sent from the road. One large entry. Also includes the North to South of Canada record ride.

November 2006 - Windsor Star newspaper article of above ride.

July 2008 - An Iron Butt Association Bun Burner 1500 on a 49cc honda - 1605miles, 33 hours 3 min. Smallest bike record. Not shown on map.

August 2008 - An old write up of a June 2003 Inaugural IBA Lake Huron 1000 ride on a 1983 Suzuki GS450 automatic

November 2010 - An old write up of the Inaugural IBA ride from the  From May 2005 Southernmost point to the Northernmost point in the Contiguous U.S.

December 2010 - Inaugural IBA Heaven to Hell 1000 (highest point at Mt. Evans to lowest point at Death valley) on a Honda CBR 125
                          - IBA CC50 ride on a Honda CBR 125cc.  Smallest bike to complete the Coast to Coast in under 50 hours (43 hours, 56 min)

June 2011  - IBA Unlimited Coast to Coast to Coast on a Honda CBR 125cc.  Daily entries from the road from Key West to Prudhoe Bay / Deadhorse Alaska and back to Key West  Explanation and map in May and June entries.  Ride reports starts June 2 to end of June.
                 - Also includes the Inaugural Alaska North South (Yellow) ride from Prudhoe Bay AK to Hyder AK on a Honda CBR 125 cc

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