June 22, 2011

Water, water, water (and some wind)
   We started in glorious sunshine that lasted all of about 30 minutes,  Then it was on with the tank bag cover and rain overgloves.  Passing through Minot, ND the flooding has greatly increased from 2 weeks ago.  Many areas now being evacuated and even the main highway flooded.  We were the last ones through and I think that was a mistake as we got a real dirty look from a cop who was directing oncoming traffic to a detour.
Flooding in Minot, ND area.  Note top of barn.
   I thought I got a photo of just before I started across the flooded section.  I got a great shot of my knee and the tank bag however.  Unfortunately 99 chose right about then to stall so things got busy and I missed it.  The water was deeper than it looked but not over my boot tops and both bikes made it through OK.  Tense moment however.  Other areas were up to the road in many places but not over it.  the water is still rising as it is still raining and I think the road(s) will be closed all over the area shortly.
    Speaking of 99, she has been getting slower and slower for the past few days.  We stopped and changed the spark plug to no avail.  Finally took her in to the Honda Dlr. in Fargo, ND.  The same one that mounted the tire for us on the way up.  By then we were sure it was valve adjustment.  Sure enough the exhaust valve was so tight you couldn't put a feeler gauge in.  She is almost all better now.  Starting to show her age now.  Over 34,000 km and she only had 12,500 at the start of the ride.  She is now middle aged and only a year and two months old.  Time flies when you are a long distance motorcycle.
    So the story of the day is rain, and more rain - about 15 hours of solid rain.  At times (mostly) quite hard.  I think we followed the system eastward.  Hopefully tomorrow we won't catch up as we are now starting to head more south.
  No other photos as too wet to expose camera to the elements. One above is in rare not raining moment. Got in to the hotel at about 10:00 p.m. and going to bed now.  Exhausting day.

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