June 07, 2011

Day 7
   A real mixed day.  This will be a short entry as we stopped early in Minot, ND to get some extra much needed rest. 
   Started in great weather and stopped in Fargo to get the new tire installed at a Honda Dealership.  The old one was all the way past the wear bars by the time we arrived!  Made mistake of then going for a sit down lunch.  Another hour wasted.  After that the weather slowly deteriorated until by Minot ND it had gone from mid 80s to low 50s with rain and lightening.  We passed large areas of rather extreme flooding along the way.  Hopefully the forecast for tomorrow is correct and we can scoot north between two systems and reach near Edmonton or somewhere on the Yellowhead Highway by tomorrow's day end.  Hopefully this cold weather will again acclimatize us to normal weather after the extreme heat of the past few days.
   Anyone guess the name yet?  I'll explain later when I have more time and not so tired.

This is the KOA camp ground alongside hwy 52.  this road had been closed due to the flooding last week.  In some areas it is still only inches above vast lakes of flooded areas.

Minot was difficult to find a motel in as it is undergoing a boom economy due to recent oil developments in the area.  We were very lucky to find a place to sleep after over an hour of driving and phoning around.
Off to bed.

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