May 24, 2011

   Well, we finally had some nice weather on the long weekend. Test rode over to London then down to Pt. Stanley. Primarily to test how it handles on the freeway fully loaded. In addition to the highway I managed to test out handling on dirt and muddy roads as well as metal grate bridges. About as expected. The additional weight negates some of the bikes innate good handling. As usual it will be slow and steady on the rough sections in the far north.

   The electric aux. odometer/speedometer etc device decided to succumb to vibration during the ride so spent today sourcing and installing a new one. Of course nothing fit so all new mounting and bracketry had to be made. I think everything is done now. Finally found my rain overgloves so they were the last thing to go onboard. She waddles like a pig but I think it will just take some time to get used to riding it loaded.
   See the test ride on Google at:

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