May 26, 2011

Good news and bad. The good news is that I found out about a problem before it caused trouble. The bad news is that there is a problem. I got a call from my local motorcycle dealer this afternoon to advise that he'd gotten a call from a friend inside Honda Canada who had been following my preparations. Turns out that the CBR 125s have been having significant problems with rear swing arm failures at about 10,000 miles. Hmmm... I have about 16,000 km!  Since the swing arm is what holds the rear wheel in place this is not a good thing. Perhaps that is why I found the handling to be less than stellar last weekend on the test ride. More good news is that the new parts are in stock and hopefully will arrive in time to be changed before Tuesday night. I'm not even going to bother looking at the old one. Simply not worth the risk not to change it before the ride. Other than this little glitch things are still going smoothly. Charles emailed me that he attended a "Bike Nite" at a local restaurant last night and got $200.00 in sponsorship. Damn - I knew I should have gone in spite of the thunderstorm.
   Long range weather forecast looks promising for the Wednesday start.
Here she is - ready to rock if not roll.  Got a new "throaty" voice too. :)

Frankinstitching with Zip Ties to hold the fairing together.  Nicely covered up by Gorilla Tape in the first photo. Decided to not install the new panels as I think the Zip Ties are stronger and repairable on the road easily.  I'll make her look pretty after the ride.

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