May 29, 2011

Finally .... looks like the weather is going to co-operate. Or, go the other way.  Wed. now have a forecast of over 80 F (26 C.) and sunshine - this could be a little warm as we head south. I should have been a farmer - I'm never seeming to be satisfied with the weather.
   Just to give you a thought as to what's going on behind the calm and serene impression of our preparations. Here is an email I received yesterday from Charles.  He had just pulled off the valve covers to give the valve clearance a final check (important on motorcycles - especially old ones) and a head bolt is vital to the well being of an engine and should not be flapping around loose near the valves but should be snuggled down tight doing it's duty holding the head to the rest of the engine.

charlesfider to bobmunden show details May 27 (1 day ago)
Hope your day went well. Mine was action packed....right after I pulled the valve covers off to check clearances and lo and behold, there is a cylinder head bolt laying there....Panic!!!!! (have pictures to prove this....) Qick measurements, off to Walker Rd. auto, 93 bucks later, some nose grinding amd "Baby" is making sweet music again......Tomorrow,a test run and then the adventure begins....And how was your day?

My answer was somewhat strident in asking for the cause of this calamity but only elicited that all was fine with the Old Girl now. Not to worry. Subsequent test of about 100 km and all is still well.

Off tomorrow at 6:00 am to Stratford to pick up parts.  Today is final day for packing and just checking and "What Ifs" .


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